Dekpor Basic School

Financial Information
January 2019

What is it you need to learn from a charity’s financial statements?

Well, there are really only 2 important questions:

1. Does the charity have sufficient reserves to continue its current charitable works?

Yes, we are financially secure. We ensure that we have enough funds to cover the entire school year before we start a sponsorship or put a child onto the food programme. When we start a building project, we make sure that we can see it through to completion.

In addition, you will see from the 2018 financial statements that our donation revenues increased to just over $272,000. We are gaining momentum because our projects make lives in Dekpor better and we use those donated dollars very efficiently.

Educated children break the cycle of poverty. We are planning for a brighter future for not just Dekpor's children, but the entire community as better educated, well-fed youngsters become adults through expanded feeding programs, improved education, and sanitation.

2. More importantly, for every dollar you donate, how much actually goes to charitable activities?

To ask the question a different way, how much gets spent on administrative expenses?

We pay accounting fees, bank fees, and some website expenses -- no salaries, no advertising, no rent, no marketing.

Only 1.1% of our revenue was used for admin fees--few charities can make that claim!

That’s what you need to know; the rest is up to you.

Help us continue to make a difference.

Andrew Sanderson, CA, CPA

Financial Statements