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We work in Dekpor, Ghana where all residents live below the poverty level and face a daily struggle to survive.

Our Areas of Focus:

  • Education
  • Water
  • Nutrition
  • Health care
  • Sanitation
  • Sponsorships (children and educators)

One of our directors lives in Dekpor—we are able to work with the residents of Dekpor to best service their needs. Our overhead is minimal (our only expenses are maintaining our domain status, annual financial statements, and foreign exchange costs), so your donation goes exactly where you allocate it! We are volunteers who work hard to make the most of every dollar donated.

Dekpor School Development Organisation is a registered Canadian charity and recognized NGO in Ghana. (Since 2011)

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Read the Samaritan Magazine article Two Toronto School Teachers Take On A Village.

Aurora Rotary Club helps rural village in Ghana

We're making a difference!

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Latest News

November 30, 2017Thanks for the tech goods! A shout out to Karen Lablans for the wonderful laptop. And a recap on the Windfields Junior High School donations:
  • Ellie (1)
  • The Ricaloglu family (1 laptop that is already in Ghana being shared by Frank and Michael)
  • The Raluca family (2)
  • Josh Chung (1 laptop in Ghana being used by Saviour)
  • Orli (3 iPads)
  • Nathalie (2 Samsung minis)
And a massive thank you to Ali Afshari who has become the Ontario 'tech guy' who fixes up any donations that need some repairs.
Windfields kids.
November 29, 2017The welder is at school campus to repair the soccer goal post. It's been broken for some time and the students were thrilled to see it being fixed! Thanks to a donation from the Raghavan family, we will be able to focus on some soccer needs.
Repaired goal post.
November 25, 2017Thanks to Ziya Shah and her students at Birch Cliff Public School for the collection of eye glasses!
Eye glasses.
November 25, 2017Carol takes a very full van to the shipper with as much of the goods just donated by Aurora FC and Sigma Promotions as would fit! (14 boxes, 3 bales, 1 shipping bag)
Full van for shipping on Nov 25.
November 24, 2017Sigma Promotions has done it again! An incredible amount of new goods were donated! Pens, notebooks, baseball hats, t-shirts, hoodies, golf shirts, dress shirts, jackets… the list is long and it took two trips with Carol's van to pick up everything! Wow! Donations from Aurora FC yesterday and Sigma today necessitated a trip to the baler. 3 bales of clothing!
Sigma goods.
3 bales of clothes.
November 23, 2017Aurora FC (formerly AYSC) donated 6 big bags of soccer clothes and water bottles! We are incredibly grateful for the support of this wonderful group of people. They have been supporting our work since 2010!
Aurora soccer club stuff.
November 22, 2017WE DID IT! The dream we were afraid to dream--but alas, there is clean water now available for all 3 villages. Please see the Water Distribution photo album.
Water distribution grand opening.
November 21, 2017Highview Public School and Aurora Prep Academy both held shoe drives in October. Those shoes were distributed in Dekpor today. Such delight!
Distribution of shoes from Highview P.S. and Aurora Prep Academy
Distribution of shoes from Highview P.S. and Aurora Prep Academy (2)
Distribution of shoes from Highview P.S. and Aurora Prep Academy (3)
November 11, 2017The plumber is in Dekpor getting the water distribution system in Dekpor Horme ready to roll.
November 11, 2017Carol had some much welcomed help from Judy and Stephen MacLeod to get two vehicles full of kindergarten goods, and three bikes, and 6 bags of shoes to our new shipper!
Stephen and Judy loading vehicle.
November 7, 2017The electrical meter is hooked up at the Horme tower site… clean water will be available soon for the residents of Dekpor Horme!
Water meter.
November 4, 2017Linda heads back to Ghana with her daughter and grand-daughter and a whole lot of goods for the students! (6 suitcases of shoes from Highview P.S. and Aurora Preparatory Academy, and laptops and other tech goods!)
Linda's grand-daughter with DSDO goods at airport.
November 4, 2017Team Dalston sang their hearts out and raised $175 for repairing laptops that are currently in need of some help. A special thanks to Tom Johnston, Jim Johnston, Carol Birchmore, and Corry Wursten for a fun night with fine tunes!
Team Dalston
Team Dalston (2)
Team Dalston (3)
November 3, 2017Keilor Views Primary School in Australia, lead by Sara Fasano, Lucy Berrill and the Junior School Council, participated in a brilliant Kids Feeding Kids initiative that raised an astounding $1821 for our food programme!
Keilor Views Primary School
November 1, 2017Today Carol was privileged to speak to the grade 8 students of Windfields Junior High School. It was a pleasure to finally have a chance to thank them in person! At the same time, all the shoes from their shoe drive were sorted, packing into shipping bags, and loaded into the van.
Windfields at van.
Windfields with 6 shipping bags.
October 31, 2017Thanks to the following people for donating laptops:
  • Melissa Yarmus (2)
  • The Ricaloglu Family (1)
  • Robert Wallace (1)
  • Sandee Sharpe (1)
  • Windfields mystery family (1)
We appreciate the iPad from Barb Bulloch. And thanks to Windfields JHS students: Natalie, who collected 2 mini Samsungs, and Orly who brought in 3 iPads! And a massive thank you to Ali Afshari who volunteered to make sure every machine is ready to go to Ghana. What a huge help this is!
October 22, 2017This is the 5th year we participated in the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon and we raised an astounding $21,195 ($17,950 online and an additional $3245 offline). That is mighty impressive for 14 people to do! See Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon - October 2017 for more details.
Michael, Cathy, Linda, Carol,Michele, Sonya, AJ
Busch Systems and friends.
Nancy in the crowd.
October 17, 2017The Kempenfelt Rotary Club of Barrie comes through again! They have ensured that 10 students will be on our food programme for a year with their generous donation of $1650!
Carol gratefully accepts Rotary Club of Kempenfelt's donation from Mike Smiley.
October 13, 2017We replaced all of the Sawyer water filters on school campus. The filters are used to purify the water collected from our rain harvesting systems/reservoirs!
Sawyer filters.
October 11, 2017The gate was installed on the kindergarten pod and painting is about to begin in the new classrooms!
Kindergarten gate.
October 7, 2017Layla, a student at Windfields Junior High School, found out about the shoe drive and took it to the next level. She contacted a few shoe manufacturers and had luck with New Balance. They donated 3 boxes of gently used shoes!
Layla with 3 huge boxes of shoes from New Balance!
October 1, 2017The four kindergarten classrooms are coming along beautifully!
Inside of kindergarten classroom under construction.
September 30, 20179 Semester at Sea students bid farewell after 3 days visiting Dekpor. We are glad that they came for a visit!
Students in front of 'World Odyssey' ship
Semester at Sea students.
Semester at Sea student visiting Dekpor.
September 29, 2017Aurora Preparatory School's shoe drive comes to an end! What an amazing amount of shoes collected by 90 students!
Aurora Prep Shoe Drive
Aurora Prep Shoe Drive (2)
Aurora Prep Shoe Drive (3)
September 29, 2017Highview Public School has done it again! A very successful shoe drive encouraged by the Greater Good Club lead by Mrs. Yarmus and Mrs. Scott.
7 huge bags of shoes from Highview.
Highview students.
September 26, 2017Thanks to Laura Fedirchuk Brech for donating a bike!
Laura with bike donation.
September 25, 2017The four kindergarten classrooms are going up quickly! Tony and Susan Anderson made this possible, and we're so very grateful!
Kindergarten Classroom
September 23, 2017Thanks, Mike Selva, for helping Carol with shipping day! 13 very large boxes of kindergarten goods collected by Susan Heagy and Carol, and 5 shipping bags full of shoes are on their way to Ghana!
Carol's van ready to leave Sept 23.
Carol's van ready to leave Sept 23.
Mike Selva.
Mike Selva
New shipping location.
New shipping location.
September 20, 2017Thanks to Andrew Scott for helping Carol get a load of shoes ready for shipping!
Andrew Scott, Sept 19.
September 20, 2017All of our Atorkor Vocational students started today! Frank, Michael K., Jessica, Amenyo, Donudenu, Jennifer, Helen D., Saviour, Wonder, Wisdom, and Eric are excited to start their new adventure.
First day at Atorkor Voc, Sept 20, 11 students.
September 18, 2017Thanks to Valerie Anderson Bartlett for selling $600 worth of bracelets!
Valerie Anderson Bartlett
September 15, 2017Minesing Central Public School has finished their shoe drive! What a wonderful big pile of shoes!
A van full of Minesing shoes!
Mme Naccarato on bags of shoes.
September 14, 2017A dream come true, as Abraham and Linda picked up the very shiny beautiful new 9-seater van donated by Susan and Tony Anderson. We are so grateful to have a reliable, gorgeous set of wheels to do our charity work in Ghana!
Van Dashboard.
Van (rear view).
Students admiring van.
September 14, 2017Thanks to Aurora Preparatory Academy for inviting Carol to speak to your students! Their shoe drive has started!
September 12, 2017Not only did classes start for our elementary students at Dekpor Basic School today, but four of our high school students, Esegbe, Gifty, Michael A., and Richard all started their first year attending (but in year 2 of studies) at Anloga Technical School.
Richard, Esegbe, Gifty, and Michael A.
Richard, Esegbe, Gifty, and Michael A.
September 11, 2017First day of school for elementary students to clean up the school campus, and enjoy our new food programme!
September 11, 2017A great big thank you to Children's Forest for donating many gently used items that will be great for use in our kindergarten classrooms!
Children's forest logo.
Kindergarten toys.
Kindergarten books.
September 4, 2017Thank you to Ledgir House for their donation that enabled us to deal with all the electrical repairs and purchases that were necessary!
Electrical repairs.
Electrical repairs.
September 2, 2017A very big thank you to Susan Heagy who went hunting, several times, to purchase a tremendous amount of goods for our kindergarten classrooms! These are just a few of the containers… she had her car loaded!
Bin with Kindergarten goods.
Bin with Kindergarten goods (2).
Bin with Kindergarten goods (3).
August 31, 2017Thank you this month to Jim Shepherd, Deb Uden, and Helen Andrews (2) for donating laptops! Thank you to the Burke family for donating many DVDs. The students will be delighted!
DVDs to get us started!
DVDs to get us started!
August 24, 2017We have just found out that 4 of our kindergarten classrooms are being funded! The walkways were poured today! Susan and Tony are at it again!
August 22, 2017Wilder than our wildest dreams, we are getting a DSDO vehicle for use in Ghana! Unbelievable! Thank you Susan and Tony for making this possible!
August 20, 2017We've hired many of our older students to work at the school. They are finishing the cleaning of the classroom walls both inside and out, filling in the kindergarten foundations, and cutting blocks for two of our kindergarten classrooms that have just been financed by Susan and Tony Anderson!
Cleaning the classrooms.
Cleaning the classrooms (2).
August 18, 2017The last day of vacation school… and the whole three weeks was a tremendous success!
Vacation class.
Vacation Class (2).
Vacation Class (3).
August 9, 2017Students worked on filling the kindergarten foundations, and were rewarded with a movie on Thursday!
Students are filling the kindergarten foundations.
Filling the foundations.
August 3, 2017Students have been helping clear all the weeds and brush around the town clinic, and today they were treated to a movie for their efforts!
Students weed at clinic.
July 31, 2017Today marks the first day of 'summer' vacation school. It will run for 3 weeks. We have hired 11 teachers. It's an amazing opportunity for students to focus on math and language skills in a class with a much better teacher student ratio than usual.
July 22, 2017 A crew of 24 student volunteers showed up to clear the unruly weeds growing around the clinic. We're proud of them for pitching in!
Students helping tame the land around the clinic!
Students helping tame the land around the clinic!
July 21, 2017Cathy Leaver and Michael Deh visited Dekpor and brought two barrels of fun collected by Etobicoke Taekwondo & Deh Camp After-School Program! They were filled with clothing, shoes, and toys that boggled the minds of even our oldest students! A total of six barrels ended up being donated.
Cathy and Michael donate 6 barrels of goods.
Cathy and Michael donate 6 barrels of goods.
Received goods.
Received goods.
July 20, 2017All of our student sponsors received their updates. It is especially sweet for them to read words, directly quoted from their child.
July 12, 2017Ali Afshari sponsored a whole-school luncheon in memory of his father, Reza Afshari. The students and staff were so grateful!
Grateful for luncheon.
Ali Afshari funds a lunch in memory of his father, Reza.
Ali Afshari funds a lunch in memory of his father, Reza.
Enjoying the luncheon.
July 7, 2017Plenty of happy shrieks! Lots of clothing items and Kids Against Hunger food were distributed at school today. Thanks to Sloane Avenue Public School and the Milton group for each donating 33 boxes of nutritious rice casserole meals.
Happy about food!
Happy about food!
New clothing
New clothing
July 7, 2017Mr. Halogbe happily receives books from Tom and Linda Edwards, and gently used ones from Ziya Shah.
Mr Halogbe with books from Ziya Shah and Tom and Linda Edwards.
Mr Halogbe with books from Ziya Shah and Tom and Linda Edwards.
July 6, 2017Abraham and Linda picked up a van FULL of shipped items!
Linda and Ab's van is LOADED with KAH food, sewing machines, clothing, books.
Linda and Ab's van is LOADED with KAH food, sewing machines, clothing, books.
June 30, 2017Linda and Abraham have been busy and our sponsored students now all have had their National Health Insurance cards renewed.
Sponsored students get their NHIS cards renewed!
Sponsored students get their NHIS cards renewed!
June 27, 2017Thanks to Lisa, Luke, and Ryan Bannerman for their help with shipping today. There was a van load of donated soccer balls from Aurora FC that were deflated by the boys leading up to shipping day. Leaving Canada:
  • 5 bikes
  • 6 shipping bags
  • 1 bale of clothing
Thanks to everyone who contributed!
Luke, Ryan, and Lisa make shipping day easier!
Luke, Ryan, and Lisa make shipping day easier!
June 13, 2017Linda and Abraham took all of our oldest students to visit the closest tech and vocational schools. A very exciting day for the kids!
June 12, 20179 more women received farming tools! Thanks again to Joan Ross!
Women are so grateful to recieve farming tools
Women are so grateful to recieve farming tools
June 12, 2017The JHS 3 students worked on doing a thorough clean up and inventory in our library today!
The library inventory is a team effort
The library inventory is a team effort
June 1, 2017Seven more students have been set up with 2 hens and feed. Thank you to Joan Ross for providing four of the set-ups, and Colette and Matthew Banion for the other 3.
Matthew, Brenelle, and Joan give the gift of hens!
Matthew, Brenelle, and Joan give the gift of hens!

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