We deeply appreciate your support; every dollar truly makes a difference.

Since we operate solely through the dedicated work of volunteers, our overhead is kept to a minimum. That means almost 100% of your donation goes directly to those in need.

Dekpor School Development Organisation (DSDO) is a registered charitable organisation and donations of $25 or more will receive a Canadian tax receipt.

Charitable Registration Number: 81867 3006 RR0001

There are several areas needing your support.

Any dollar amount can be designated toward the area of your choosing.

Waiting for breakfast.
Waiting for breakfast

Food Programme

This is our greatest priority. The vast majority of Dekpor students are undernourished and go to school without breakfast and sometimes without any lunch either. Malnutrition is the leading cause of death in children in Dekpor, and not having proper nourishment leaves children highly susceptible to illness. Extreme hunger often causes school absence and certainly affects the ability to concentrate and learn effectively.

YOU can ensure that a Dekpor child receives a nutritious breakfast and lunch that include protein.

When a child is put on our food programme, we also cover the fees so they can attend 'summer' vacation school.

To provide breakfast and lunch to a child for a year: $165/child


Kindergarten Class under tree.
Kindergarten class under tree

Educational Assistant Sponsorships

The schools in Ghana are seriously underfunded, leading to massive class sizes. At Dekpor Basic School, the junior kindergarten teacher has a class with over 100 students that she teaches crowded into one room all by herself! The three junior high classes have approximately 50 students in each.

No classroom has a student teacher ratio that would be considered appropriate in North America. Given the lack of supplies, proper shelter and teaching materials, it is clearly impossible for teachers to effectively instruct such large groups of children.

In order to give the children a chance at a decent education, an opportunity to pass exams, and have the dream of attending high school, more staff members are urgently needed.

DSDO hires teaching assistants to work with small groups of students and to assist the classroom teachers with marking and record keeping. We also hire full-time librarians to staff our library during and after school hours to make books available to all students and community members. Dekpor families do not own any books and our library provides an opportunity to read and learn at home.

One educator touches the lives of many and can make a HUGE difference.

Cost to pay a teacher’s wages: $1200/year

Cost to pay ½ of a teacher’s wages: $600/year

Students carrying chalkboard.
Students carrying chalkboard

Building Fund

DSDO has worked very hard since 2010 to make Dekpor Basic School a safer and more attractive environment for our students. We have renovated and repaired all the existing classrooms and built 3 water reservoirs, a library, a 60 ft expansion to the library, 3 thatched-roof classrooms, and a pavilion classroom. Within the villages of Dekpor Yia, Dekpor Dome and Dekpor Horme, we've been responsible for mechanizing 2 boreholes, the reverse osmosis unit, the water tower, water distribution pipes to the clinic, and 4 town toilet facilities.

Our work is not done. More classrooms are desperately needed. In kindergarten, there are more than 140 students crammed into one room that is intended for a group of 25. The junior high school classes are also terribly overcrowded.

More water reservoirs are needed-- not only will they help prevent erosion, but they provide necessary clean drinking water for the students and the water for our hand washing stations.

There is always a need for more classroom furniture and repairs are ongoing.

Additional town toilet facilities and continuing the clean drinking water distribution pipes are very necessary, too!

Our projected needs for the school are:

  • Distribution pipes throughout the rest of the villages
  • 6 kindergarten classrooms
  • 5 junior high school classrooms
  • 4 water reservoirs
  • 2 town toilet facilities

Donations of any amount help us acheive our goals.

Child in need of clothes.
Child in need of clothes

Child Sponsorships

Most Dekpor families are struggling just to provide some food and shelter for their children Although the value of education is clearly recognized, it is often financially completely out of reach. Several children are orphans and simply have no means to go to school. (AIDS is not prevalent in this area; it is usually malaria or typhoid that claim lives.)

A child’s dignity is important to us, and because of that, we do not have labelled photos of available children to sponsor. DSDO has carefully selected deserving children for a one-to-one sponsorship. Children on our waiting list are placed in order of urgency.

Your $300 donation provides a lot for your sponsored child!

  • food programme (breakfast and lunch every school day)
  • national health insurance
  • emergency medical supplies
  • mosquito net
  • 'summer' vacation school in August
  • a new uniform
  • backpack
  • math set
  • ruler
  • notebooks
  • pencils, pens, erasers, pencil crayons, and any other necessary items
  • exam fees (yes, even grade 1 kids write exams!)
  • PTA fees
  • toothpaste, toothbrushes
  • any required hard cover notebooks, text books or workbooks
  • 1 pr of shoes
  • guidance, counselling
  • after school classes, 1hr, 3 times/week

Upon receipt of your donation, we will send you a profile and photo of your child. In both April and August you'll receive updates and photos. It is our wish that anyone choosing this option realises this is truly a one-to-one relationship and is committed to helping their child for the future.

Need more information? Please see our Child Sponsorship FAQ PDF File .

Cost to sponsor a child: $300/year

One time cost to give your child hens: $20

Your Choice

It is hard for us to really imagine what it is like attending Dekpor Basic School.

There are no teaching materials.

There is no stockroom full of supplies.

Many children can’t even attend school because their families can’t afford the most basic school necessities: notebooks, pencils, erasers, pens, math sets, and backpacks. And then take it a step further—in the upper grades, the students have to bring their own desk and chair...EVERY day. Why? Because there aren’t enough for all of the children enrolled at the school.

There are many, many items needed by the students and teachers at Dekpor Basic School. Below are listed just a few. You can specify HOW your donation is used!

Need an eCard?

If you are making a donation on someone's behalf, you can send an email to for a printable eCard.

  • Package of Ghanaian-written books for the library
  • Teaching materials such as math manipulatives, educational posters
  • 3 school bags filled with essentials
  • 130 notebooks
  • 5 pairs of running shoes
  • 3 soccer balls or volleyballs
  • 1 school desk with chair

Cost for any one of the above: $75

Tribute Gifting

What is a tribute gift? It is a donation made in order to honor or remember someone. You can make a tribute gift for a special occasion for any of the following, and we will prepare a personalised eCard for you to send to the recipient:

  • special occasions
  • in memoriam
  • birthday
  • thank you
  • wedding
  • graduation
  • retirement
  • anniversary
  • Christmas; Hanukah; Easter; etc.

It's a way of giving a gift that puts smiles on faces around the globe. See our Tribute Gifting examples.

Recognizing someone through a gift in honour is a thoughtful way to celebrate the milestones in someone's life, while making a difference to students at Dekpor Basic School in Ghana.

If you would like to donate to a specific area of need, please contact for more information.

Dekpor School Development Organisation is a registered charitable organisation.

Charitable Registration Number: 81867 3006 RR0001